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AGM 2012


Elfrida Rathbone Camden (ERC) has been making a difference for children, young people and adults in London for nearly 30 years, helping them achieve their potential and aspirations. Amongst those we have helped are:

  • Young disabled people – wanting greater independence and involvement in their community

  • Families – needing additional support

  • Parents – needing help to understand, access and get help from local services Become a Member of Elfrida Rathbone Camden

Are you interested in helping ERC to develop and improve our services? By becoming a Member of ERC, you can help ensure the organisation understands the needs of people in our local communities and can respond effectively.

You should become a Member of ERC if you:

  • Are a current service user or have used our services in the last 12 months

  • Would like to make a difference through your input on our services

  • Have an interest in helping the organisation grow and develop

As a Member of ERC you will receive:

  • An ERC newsletter three times each year Information on how to support our aims through volunteering

  • An invitation to our Annual General Meeting

  •  The right to vote on any significant changes to the organisation

In addition, you will be able to give feedback on ERC’s work, and join a range of groups; from small focus groups, through to the Board of Trustees

…and becoming a Member is completely free!

Download our Become a Member leaflet here.