Corporate Support

We have established links with corporate organisations who support ERC in a variety of ways, including:

  • Providing volunteers to work on short and long-term projects.  This is tailored to the volunteers’ skills and priorities, and might include:

    • Decorating a classroom

    • Assisting students with literacy and numeracy skills

    • Offering some admin time

    • Giving management advice or

    • Helping to market our services

Other examples of support would be:

  • Donating equipment such as kitchen or art supplies

  • Offering mentors who can support the development of individual staff members

  • Offering work placements for our students

  • Providing locations from which we can run social enterprise activities, including market stalls and cafes

  • Advertising ERC services

  • Donating pro bono legal advice

  • Providing ERC with interns who work with us on our core projects for a fixed period

We have received positive feedback from those volunteers from companies who have been kind enough to support ERC’s work, showing how much they have got out of their involvement.

Some of our supporters

Companies which have offer support to Elfrida Rathbone Camden include

Building new partnerships

We are keen to build further partnerships, so to discuss this further, please call us on 020 7424 1601 or email .